HBA: Getting the language right will enable more homes

Posted On: 
1st February 2018

The House Builders Association (HBA) welcomes the comments made by Sajid Javid in the Times newspaper.

The majority of developers do not land-bank and see development stalled for a number of other reasons, which are more typically endemic to the planning process.  Javid’s comments are a more realistic assessment of land-banking because they imply that such practice does exist, but is carried out by a minority. In addition, he acknowledges that NIMBYs are an obstacle to the building of new homes.

Richard Beresford, chief executive for the NFB, said: “With the vast majority of developers not land-banking, we are delighted to see the minister use the words ‘some’ and ‘NIMBY’ when referring to land-banking and opposition to development. The housing crisis will not be solved by generalising its barriers or generic views on development.”

Rico Wojtulewicz, senior policy advisor for the HBA, added: “The HBA represents SME housebuilders and we are clear that not all developers or developments are equal. This must be better reflected in all the language we use from land banking to the improving quality of our homes. We must do more to encourage best practice to be part of the conversation so that the right homes can be enabled in the right places.”