NFB to MPA: We are a united supply chain

Posted On: 
20th February 2018

The Mineral Products Association (MPA) have highlighted three practical steps that the Government should take in order to ensure the supply chain can meet the material demands for 300,000 new homes every year. 

Identifying improved policy clarity, better resourcing for the mineral planning system, and supportive policy architecture after Brexit, the MPA believes that the Government needs to give greater consideration to the long-term capacity and ability of the supply chain to support the delivery of new homes.

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) – whose membership consists of SME builders and regional contractors – agrees with the MPA and encourages the Government to understand how the whole construction supply chain operates in reality.

As victims of a broken planning process lacking clarity, the NFB recognises the challenges in accessing a pipeline of opportunities. Planning reform is long overdue and needs to happen, alongside a willingness to identify opportunities after Brexit.

Due to rising costs, NFB members have already begun looking outside the EU for material suppliers and are a good indicator of where home-grown markets can exist.

The MPA has also highlighted the value of the supply chain in rural communities and our members, who are typically the clients of local material suppliers, wholeheartedly grasp that message.

Richard Beresford, chief executive of the NFB, said: “From planners and communities to developers and material suppliers, we will never meet the target of 300,000 homes a year unless regulation and ambition support the capacity of a united construction supply chain.

“The supply chain is predominantly operated by SMEs, who train and retain two thirds of apprentices and are our principal rural employer. It makes economic and social sense to empower their growth.”