Veterans Aid respond to proposals to help veterans access social housing

Posted On: 
9th January 2019

This is a bold and interesting move and although I applaud the intent I have concerns about its application, says Dr. Hugh Milroy, CEO Veterans Aid.

I gave evidence to the Defence Select Committee on the issue of military imposters.  

This is a real issue and one which we regularly come across in our frontline work at Veterans Aid. 

False claims of service are not uncommon and are frequently linked to claims of PTSD.

A few years ago we were asked to verify the service of 40 people in the Criminal Justice System all of whom were claiming military service. 

Shockingly, half of them had never served a day of military service. I also know of a famous case where an individual has openly claimed in the media to have PTSD after his total service which was two weekends in the TA.   

My considerable experience tells me that without proper vetting (i.e. into service background) and proper confirmation of a diagnosis then this well intentioned initiative might well be brought into disrepute.