David Mundell calls on Nicola Sturgeon to end 'constitutional Groundhog Day' over indyref2

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1st October 2018

David Mundell will call on Nicola Sturgeon to end Scotland's "constitutional Groundhog Day" and ditch her campaign for another independence referendum.

David Mundell will deliver a speech to the Tory conference.
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The Scottish Secretary will say the SNP leader should instead work with Theresa May to ensure the UK gets the best possible Brexit deals.

First Minister Ms Sturgeon has refused to rule out calling for so-called "indyref2" once the details of the EU withdrawal agreement are known.

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But in his speech to the Conservative conference in Birmingham, Mr Mundell will say: "Every day that Scotland is stuck in a constitutional Groundhog Day is a day that our economy is being held back and that the SNP government is not getting on with the day job of managing our schools and hospitals.

"So I want to use this opportunity to say to Nicola Sturgeon - ‎it is time to end the constitutional uncertainty that we have lived with for the past four years.

"It is time for Scotland’s two governments to work together in the best interests of the Scottish people.‎”

The Cabinet minister has also insisted that Theresa May's Brexit plan, agreed at Chequers in July, should be supported by all those who want to a avoid the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal.

"The Prime Minister's Chequers plan delivers a good Brexit for Scotland and the whole of the UK," he said. "Everybody should get behind it.

"Those who say they want to avoid a no deal scenario, and the risks that entails, should make it clear ‎they support the Chequers proposals."