SSE welcomes the UK Government’s White Paper on a Modern Industrial Strategy

Posted On: 
27th November 2017

At SSE we look for an approach that strikes a balance between maintaining controls on cost for consumers, investing in people and developing a smarter energy system while continuing the UK’s progress in decarbonising its electricity and heat supply. 

The White Paper suggests this is the Government’s focus.

SSE is a major investor in the UK’s infrastructure. It intends to invest around £6bn into the UK’s energy infrastructure over the four years between 2016-20, principally in energy networks and renewable energy. Therefore, the White Paper’s focus on developing new infrastructure and ambitious sector deals for offshore wind, attracting green finance, charging points for electric vehicles and 5G connectivity across the UK suggests further opportunities for SSE. Overall, SSE will working constructively with the Government to ensure this Industrial Strategy can help to provide affordable low-carbon electricity, highly skilled apprenticeships, skills and careers across all parts of the UK, and industrial opportunities to help to create sustainable UK supply chains.