Downing Street lobby briefing on the Cabinet's Brexit discussion

Posted On: 
19th December 2017

Here is a summary of a briefing for lobby journalists by the Prime Minister's official spokesman.

Downing Street
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The spokesman said Cabinet met for an hour and 45 minutes to discuss "the future economic partnership the UK will be seeking with the EU". Some 25 ministers took part in the discussion, which was led by the Prime Minister.

He said: "The PM said it was clear what the Cabinet’s objective is: a deal which secures the best possible trading terms with the EU, enables the UK to set rules that are right for our situation, and facilitates ambitious third country trade deals.

"The PM said that, in developing our future economic partnership, we should be creative in designing our proposal. The Brexit Secretary and PM were clear that the UK is seeking a bespoke deal.

"The PM said she had been c...