Downing Street lobby briefing on UK military power, Trump meeting Putin and Brexit

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21st June 2018

At a briefing for journalists a spokesperson for Theresa May answered questions about UK military power and reports Donald Trump could meet Vladimir Putin ahead of a Nato summit.

Number 10 Downing Street
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On reports that the Prime Minister questioned whether the UK should be a "tier one" military power, the spokesperson said: "As we said in response to that story it is categorically untrue to suggest our position as a leading defence nation is somehow in question. The PM is strongly committed to the UK armed forces and to maintaining their strength and their ability to deter and where necessary defeat the threats we face. That was a private meeting but of course we are certainly a leading military power and the PM is committed to ensuring that remains the case."


On reports that US president Donald Trump wants to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Puti...