BANT Comments on the study published in JAMA that high consumption of dietary cholesterol or eggs was significantly associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Posted On: 
18th March 2019

A study published on 15th March showed associations of dietary cholesterol or egg consumption with higher incidences of mortality and cardiovascular disease. BANT would like to take the opportunity to comment on the research since the consumption of eggs and links to heart disease have been controversial for decades.


BANT would like to advise the public that the study in question only shows an association, rather than a cause and effect and therefore cannot conclude links between eggs, cholesterol and mortality. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that:

  • There are other factors to consider when looking what is causing high death rates in people who eat a lot of eggs.
  • The associations reported in the study are only a “modest” association especially when compared to other risk factors such as smoking.
  • The study does not report how the eggs were consumed, whether someone was eating a boiled egg each day or consuming as part of a fry-up, which is less healthy.
  • Many other studies including meta-analyses show null effect of egg consumption on Cardiovascular Health Risk.

At al times, BANT is urging all to consider the study quality and biases before taking the headlines as gospel.

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