UKIM briefing - HoL debate, challenges facing disabled people in the UK 28 June 2018

Posted On: 
27th June 2018

This is the briefing for a House of Lords Debate on the challenges facing disabled people today.

The UK Independent Mechanism (UKIM) – which comprises the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the Scottish Human Rights Commission – has produced a briefing for Thursday’s debate on the Challenges Facing Disabled People in the UK in 2018, which can be found here.
In this briefing, we recommend that the UK Government:
Sets out how it plans to comprehensively address the UN Committee’s recommendations. Implementing these recommendations will be a step towards effectively addressing the challenges facing disabled people in the UK.
Clarifies whether the new Inter-Ministerial Group on Disability and Society will be the vehicle through which the UK Government will take forward the UN Committee’s recommendations; how it will relate to devolved governments; and how it will work with disabled people’s organisations and UKIM.