“We believe the time for short-term solutions is over”: Hft responds to the Spending Review 2019

Posted On: 
4th September 2019

Hft, a national charity that supports adults with learning disabilities has responded to Chancellor Sajid Javid’s Spending Review 2019.

Billy Davis, Public Affairs and Policy Manager at Hft commented: “The Chancellor’s pledge of an additional £1.5bn for adult and children’s social care over the next year falls woefully short of the estimated £3bn needed to keep a financially sustainable footing for the adult social care sector alone.

“With the Prime Minister announcing Theresa May’s planned green paper on social care will be replaced by his own white paper, the publication of which has been delayed, this additional funding feels like a short-term solution to an ongoing problem.

“We believe that the time for short-term solutions is over. This is why Hft, in partnership with Tunstall, is calling for a Sector Deal for the learning disability sector. By incentivising local authorities and providers to invest in the long-term future of their services, we believe we can realise the untapped potential of assistive technologies to offer more meaningful support to adults with learning disabilities. This will not only stimulate innovation, but also help reduce local authority spending in a way that does not compromise the financial stability of the sector, or the quality of support that it is able to provide.”