Tackling urgent problems with Universal Credit require serious attention, not scant responses, says Mind

Posted On: 
11th April 2019

Responding to Frank Field MP’s comments, Sophie Corlett, Director of External Relations at Mind released the following statement. 

The Work and Pensions Select Committee report yet again highlighted the many difficulties people face under Universal Credit.

We know thousands of people with mental health problems are struggling to cope every week with this new benefits system.

We’ve heard repeatedly from people at crisis point still being required to look for work or risk losing their benefits. We’re also concerned about what will happen to people still receiving older disability benefits moving over to the new system.

We have repeatedly asked the Government to address issues and guarantee that no one receiving benefits will be worse off if they are unable to make a new claim.

Many people are slipping through the net during the move to Universal Credit – because they’ve moved house, for example, or been in hospital for treatment.

The Government should be taking steps to address these issues, so it’s worrying that the Work and Pensions committee don’t feel the Government is listening to its recommendations to improve the way Universal Credit works.

If the government is determined to forge ahead with Universal Credit, it needs to take responsibility in tackling urgent problems affecting thousands of people - issues requiring serious attention, not scant responses.