Ted Heath ‘rape victim’ made whole episode up, claim accusers family

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14th October 2017

A serial peadophile who was behind an unsubstantiated claim that he was raped by Sir Edward Heath made the whole thing up, according to his family.

The man who accused Sir Edward Heath of childhood sexual assault is himself a convicted peadophile, it has emerged.
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Relatives of the 68-year-old man, who is currently behind bars for sex attacks against children, fabricated claims he was attacked by Heath after he was picked up hitchhiking in 1961.

However, they said the police made no attempt to contact them to verify claims of abduction took place from the A2 in Kent.

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Barrister rejects Ted Heath link to dropped criminal case

In a letter, seen by The Daily Telegraph, the man admits he made the claim against Heath in 2015 only as he faced paedophile charges of his own.

Written from prison, the man said: “The allegations I made [against Heath] were as part of my defence against false allegations that were made against me.”

Dubbed “a born liar” by his sister, the family of Heath’s accuser said they could have provided evidence to halt the investigation if only the police had contacted them.

The complainant’s brother, who was ten at the time, said: “He never said anything about being abused by a famous person. You couldn’t hide something like that. If police had asked me about this, I would have told them it didn’t happen.”

The paedophile’s sister, who was five, said: “He is a born liar. I am absolutely shocked the police have wasted public money investigating his claims. If they had bothered to come to me I would have told them not to waste their time.”

She went on: “My brother should have been hung, drawn and quartered. At my mother’s funeral he brought along a ten-year-old boy. I left the funeral and phoned the police.

She was shocked police had taken his claims so seriously. “I am not being funny but he is a fraudster. He is trying to manipulate the system. He has dreamed up ted Heath to find a way out.

“I can’t believe the police have been so stupid. I am absolutely shocked the police have taken any notice of him. I am appalled at the police wasting public money investigating. His claims are a crock of s***.”

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has a string of convictions for sex crimes stretching back 45 years.

Wiltshire Police spent two years investigating Heath after making a public appeal outside his Salisbury house for ‘victims’ to come forward.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “A victim’s right to anonymity is of utmost importance and we will not be commenting on individual victims or allegations.”