College of Policing response to HMIC report

Posted On: 
20th April 2017

David Tucker, crime lead at the College of Policing has responded to the HMIC's State of Policing: The Annual Assessment of Policing in England and Wales 2016.

in 2015 we published the first national picture of demand on policing and found the nature and complexity of police work is changing. At the same time officers are spending an increasing amount of time managing high-risk offenders and protecting victims who are at risk and often vulnerable. These fundamental changes mean the skills and training we give our officers have to reflect the new challenges and so we are developing innovative training in the area of vulnerability and have already developed world class training and guidance to support officers managing those with mental health issues. Today's report rightly acknowledges the integrity and bravery of police and we also want to ensure that the increasingly complex activities undertaken by people working in policing are properly recognised with accreditation for their existing skills.