Boris Johnson refuses to rule out remaining Prime Minister after losing vote of confidence

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8th August 2019

Boris Johnson has refused to rule out staying on as Prime Minister even if he loses a vote of confidence.

Boris Johnson is likely to face a vote of no confidence next month.
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The Prime Minister repeatedly sidestepped questions on his plans, insisting that he was focused on delivering Brexit on 31 October.

Labour is expected to table a no-confidence motion when Parliament returns from its summer recess next month.

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If it were to win the backing of the Commons, there would then be a 14-day period in which attempts would be made to form a government which had the support of most MPs.

It has been reported that if that were not possible, Mr Johnson would stay on as Prime Minister while the resulting general election takes place.

As the date of the poll would be in his gift, it could take place after 31 October - ensuring the UK leaves the EU on that date.

Asked by Sky News if that was his plan, Mr Johnson said: "We are going to leave the European Union on 31 October ... that is what I think the parliamentarians of this country should get on and do."

Pressed again on whether he would effectively ignore the no-confidence vote, the Prime Minister said: "I think that MPs should get on and deliver what they have promised over and over and over again to the people of this country... and leave the EU on 31 October."

John McDonnell has said he would send Jeremy Corbyn to Buckingham Palace to tell the Queen he should be Prime Minister if a no-confidence motion is passed.

"I don’t want to drag the Queen into this but I would be sending Jeremy Corbyn in a cab to Buckingham Palace to say we’re taking over," he told an event at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Shadow Chancellor said he would expect other opposition parties to support the Labour leader as a way of keeping Mr Johnson out of power.