The chillaxing ex-PM: David Cameron hugs a Corbynista at a festival

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7th August 2017

It turns out Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t the only political figure to get leftie love from festival-goers this summer.

David Cameron poses with wine, ciggie and Corbynista

The Labour leader was thought to have broken new bounds when an army of fans chanted his name at Glastonbury in June.

But now David Cameron has got himself in on the act as well.

The former PM was snapped at posh Oxford festival Wilderness getting a hug from a Corbynista as he quaffed wine and enjoyed a cigarette.

Reveller ‘laeedwards’ posted her Kodak moment on Instagram with the caption: “Couldn't have even planned it (big Dave C in the house, shame he can't read).”


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It came just a day after Cameron photobombed someone else’s memory of the jaunt with a non-plussed gaze towards the camera.

Presumably he was on a recce ahead of the Conservative Ideas Festival mooted by MP George Freeman - already dubbed the ‘Tory Glastonbury’.

The plan - inspired by pro-Corbyn group Momentum - is a bid to reignite Conservative grassroots activism after years of dwindling membership.

Going for the hard-sell, Freeman told the FT it would be the “first rave, you’ll remember who you brought”.