Boris Johnson called David Cameron a 'girly swot', leaked note reveals

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6th September 2019

Boris Johnson called David Cameron a "girly swot", according to a leaked Cabinet paper.

Boris Johnson and David Cameron have a long-running rivalry.
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The Prime Minister aimed the jibe at the former Tory leader in a hand-written note discussing his plans to suspend Parliament.

Details of the memo were first revealed in a legal action raised at the Court of Session in Edinburgh which attempted to stop the controversial move.

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According to the version released by the court, it said: "The whole September session is a rigmarole introduced [redacted] to show the public that MPs were earning their crust."

But Sky News obtained an unredacted version, which showed the blanked-out words were "by girly swot Cameron".

It is thought the reference to the former Prime Minister was removed to avoid any political embarrassment for him or Mr Johnson.

A Downing Street spokesman declined to comment.

The revelation comes just two days after the PM was caught on camer calling Jeremy Corbyn a "big girl's blouse" for not backing his calls for a snap election.

Alison McGovern, the Labour MP for Wirral South, tweeted: "‘Big girl’s blouse’, ‘Girly swot’. What is it about big smart women Boris Johnson doesn’t like?"