Ex-MP who criticised 'quite poor' Theresa May after election appointed as David Davis's top aide

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26th July 2017

An ousted Conservative MP who complained about Theresa May not contacting him after his election defeat has been appointed chief of staff to Brexit Secretary David Davis. 

Stewart Jackson outside the Peterborough Conservative club
Rick Findler/PA

Stewart Jackson was the MP for Peterborough from 2005 until 8 June, when he lost his seat to Labour.

After his defeat he took aim at the Prime Minister’s top team for “hubris and arrogance” during the campaign, attacked the pay-outs given to Mrs May’s top advisers, and apparently called one of his former constituents a “thick chav” on Facebook.

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He confirmed his appointment as special adviser and chief of staff to Mr Davis, for whom he was previously Parliamentary Private Secretary.

Mr Jackson, who quit a previous PPS job during the Coalition years so he could vote in favour of a referendum on EU membership, has been an outspoken advocate of Brexit for several years.

After his defeat in June, he complained about Mrs May and Conservative chairman Patrick McLoughlin for failing to get in touch with him.

“I’ve had a lovely text from David Cameron; I’ve had nothing from her or the chairman of the Conservative party, and I think that’s quite poor to be honest,” he told the BBC shortly after the results.

He also complained that Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, who were co-chiefs of staff to Mrs May and resigned in the aftermath of the election result, had received more generous pay-offs than departing MPs.



And one of Mr Jackson’s former constituents, Christian Stanley, claimed to have received unsolicited Facebook messages from the ex-MP shortly after the election.

It read: “Not many benefits of losing the election but one of them is probably not having to engage with thick chavs like you Stanley. Bye for now.”

Mr Jackson continued: “You’re so thick you could chop meat on your head... You’re not my constituent pillock as you’ve just acknowledged. I’m a private citizen and don’t have to take any cr*p from you.”

He concluded: “If you print any sh*t about me on Facebook in the future you will regret it.”