Facebook abuse of Tory ex-MP 'a form of terrorism'

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4th August 2017

A former Conservative MP has accused a man who sent him abuse on Facebook of committing “a form of terrorism”.

Oliver Colvile lost his House of Commons seat in June
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Oliver Colvile, who lost his Plymouth Sutton and Devonport seat at the general election in June, was abused online by 59-year-old Julian Isaacs.

Mr Isaacs said “assassination was too good” for the Tory and told him to jump off a high bridge.

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A court yesterday sentenced the Labour supporter to 80 hours of community service and slapped him with a bill for £85 in costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

But Mr Colvile said afterwards: "It's appalling. It's a form of terrorism. He should be sent to prison."

Mr Isaacs told the court he made the Facebook posts in the pub “after a couple of beers”.

Responding to a post by Mr Colvile he suggested the ex-MP jump of the Tamer Bridge that links Devon and Cornwall.

"I did mean it literally," Mr Isaac told the court, adding: "I do not regret anything".