Conservative whips assign 'minders' to monitor problem MPs

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5th November 2017

Conservative whips have set up watchdog MPs to stop the “biggest offenders” in the House of Commons starting fights and pestering women.

MPs in Parliament
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MPs who are judged “perpetually intoxicated” or likely to disappear ahead of a key vote may be given more than one minder to keep them in line. 

The system was set up a few weeks ago but now is expected to be expanded to help prevent MPs harassing women after a series of allegations rocked Westminster. 

“The whips are now man-marking the biggest offenders so they don’t start fights, pester women or wander off at the key moment,” an MP told the Sunday Times.

“The worst offenders get more than one minder keeping an eye on them.”

During one vote a few weeks ago, four MPs were asked to watch one MP to make sure he was present at a late night vote.

“You need big lads in case they need to step in,” the MP said.

“It’s not easy to manhandle some of these people when they’ve had a few."