Conservatives offered Instagram training so they can look more like ‘a real person’ to young voters

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11th May 2018

Tory MPs are being offered training sessions on how to use the popular photo sharing app Instagram in a bid to appeal to younger voters, it has emerged.

Tory MPs are being offered advice sessions on how best to use Instagram by CCHQ.
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Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis began offering advice sessions to MPs on how they can use Instagram to their advantage back in January.

The app has become more and more popular with politicians who see it as an easy way to promote their work to people in their 20s and teens.

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In a presentation leaked to the BBC, slides showed the app was used heavily by 18-24 year-olds and offered MPs a chance to present a more down to earth image.

It suggests the app represents “a chance to show you are a real person who people can relate to or be inspired by - the goal is to do both”.

The presentation used the account of Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, as an example of what an engaging Instagram page should look like.

It recommended Tory MPs “take advantage of personal stories” and to take photos which give an insight into their work as “people like seeing your process”.