Philip Hammond accused of calling fellow Tory MP 'stupid woman'

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20th July 2018

Philip Hammond was last night accused of branding a fellow Conservative MP a “stupid woman”.

Andrea Jenkyns brushed the barb off as part of the “cut and thrust” of politics
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The Chancellor appeared to make the comment about pro-Brexit campaigner Andrea Jenkyns on Wednesday after she asked Theresa May a loaded question at PMQs.

The Morley and Outwood MP took aim at the Chequers plan on Brexit as she asked the Prime Minister: “At what point was it decided Brexit meant Remain?”

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Professional lip readers told the Sun that Mr Hammond - who was seated next to Mrs May on the frontbench - had mouthed the words “stupid woman” in response.


Fellow pro-Brexit MP Jacob Rees-Mogg fumed: “I cannot believe that the Chancellor would say something so rude - not only to Andrea but effectively to all Brexit voters.”

But Ms Jenkyns brushed the barb off, telling the paper it was part of the “cut and thrust” of politics.

Mr Hammond was accused of sexism last year when he told Labour MP Mary Creagh to stop being “hysterical”.

And Speaker John Bercow caused a sexism storm in May when he used the word “stupid” to describe Commons leader Andrea Leadsom.