Theresa May makes light of conference coughing fit

Posted On: 
4th October 2017

While she didn’t appear to see the funny side of it as the country looked on, it seems Theresa May was able to shake off the blues from the coughing fit that took over her speech.

Theresa May has vowed to take on the cold which sought to disrupt her speech
Theresa May

The Prime Minister spent much of the latter part of her set piece to the Conservatives' conference beset by a croaky voice and a nasty cold to boot, having already faced a disruptive protestor.

While colleagues were then at pains to tell reporters that the unfortunate coughing and spluttering “electrified” the audience and/or signalled her commitment to duty as Prime Minister, poor Mrs May was said to be weeping with husband Philip backstage.

Kate Perrior, the former Communications Director at No 10, told the BBC: “It's not just about losing your voice. It's about your body confidence and she just lost it all the way through there. On the way out, she looked very, very tearful. She pretty much cried when she hugged her husband.”

However in a later tweet from Mrs May with just "*coughs*" as the caption, we see she's tooled up and ready to take the fight to any virus or cabinet minister willing to challenge her - with Strepsils, throat spray, Olbas oil and her Prime Ministerial briefcase all at hand.

Now whether she herself came round to the idea that the unfortunate incident is one that will one day be lost in the annals of time, or, ahem, a flustered social media manager rallied into overdrive, the tweet may provide some respite.