Downing Street lobby briefing on Russia, customs after Brexit and NHS funding

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16th March 2018

At a briefing for journalists today the Prime Minister's spokesman refused to escalate the war of words with Russia.

Number 10 Downing Street
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The spokesman said: "I think the Prime Minister set out the Government’s position and we set out what we hope to see from Russia. We will continue to consider our position. I think we have been clear what we expect and so have our international partners."

Asked if the PM agreed with Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson that Russia should "go away" and "shut up" the spokesman said: "The PM sent her own very clear message to Russia over the course of the week."


Asked about reports of a Whitehall official comparing Brexit to a KitKat, the spokesman said: "I think we have had other chocolate based comparisons before. But the Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers have clearly and publi...