Downing Street lobby briefing on Lycamobile, Windrush, stop and search and Brexit

Posted On: 
19th April 2018

At a briefing for journalists today a Downing Street spokesman was asked about the Lycamobile scandal, whether immigration rules were akin to Nazi Germany, and Brexit defeats last night in the House of Lords.

Number 10 Downing Street
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Asked about reports by BuzzFeed News that officials refused to assist an investigation into major Tory donor Lycamobile as part of a French money laundering probe, the spokesman said: “HMRC never takes political donations into account when it makes decisions on whether to investigate a business. The request was rejected because it did not contain sufficient information for HMRC to seek a search warrant...

“My understanding from HMRC is the information was only provided as background to offer a detailed profile of the company to their French counterparts but it was not taken into account by HMRC in deciding whether to support the French application."