Tory bosses 'warn Theresa May that Jeremy Corbyn would win snap election'

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23rd January 2019

Tory bosses have warned Theresa May she would lose a snap election if she called one to break the Brexit deadlock, it has been reported.

Theresa May could face a drubbing at the polls if she calls a snap election
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Officials have concluded the party is not prepared to fight a nationwide poll and that Jeremy Corbyn would win it as the head of a coalition with the Lib Dems and SNP, according to the Sun.

The paper says the Conservatives are desperately lacking up-to-date voter data and a privately-contracted polling firm, while activists are demoralised after months battling with party headquarters over money and internal reforms.

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Labour on the other hand has hundreds of thousands of members who have helped the party amass an enormous voter database to help with a ground campaign.

The findings are backed up by separate research carried out by the centre-right Onward think tank.

Its director Will Tanner, a former Number 10 adviser, said: “The prospect of a general election should concern anyone who fears the damage Jeremy Corbyn would wreak on Britain’s economy and security in Downing Street.

“It would take a tiny swing for Labour to sweep dozens of seats to become the largest party – with 40 Conservative constituencies held with a majority of just 5 per cent or smaller.”

Mr Tanner added: “If Conservatives can get back to a reforming domestic agenda, there is no reason they can’t win over wavering voters in key marginals and regain a working majority – but an election now, with Labour at the gates, risks it all."

The warning came amid reports that some Tory MPs are mulling whether a snap election could be the way out of the Brexit impasse, with the PM unable to pass the deal she clinched with Brussels.

Meanwhile, PoliticsHome revealed yesterday that Tory activists were warning Mrs May of a “mutiny” if she bows to pressure and rules out a no-deal Brexit.

One activist said: “I've been avoiding campaigning. A lot of it is to do with how disgusted I am at Theresa May. I feel sorry for her but I detest weak leadership. Tories don't like weak leaders.”

Recent polls suggest the parties are neck and neck, with trackers putting the Tories on 38.1% and Labour on 38.4%.