WATCH: Priti Patel calls for Theresa May to go as Tories suffer heavy losses in local elections

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3rd May 2019

A former Tory Cabinet minister has called for Theresa May to go as the party braced itself for heavy losses in the local elections.

“I think we need change, I don’t think we can continue like this"
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Priti Patel said "I don’t think we can continue like this" as early results showed the Conservatives losing more than 300 councillors across the country.

Speaking to BBC, the former International Development Secretary said ordinary voters wanted a change of Prime Minister.

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“People have very categorically said she is part of the problem," she said.

“So I think where we’ve got to now look at these results, look at our direction of travel going forward as a party, I think obviously our party leadership and our party nationally need to look at the situation and make some very, very serious decisions now, in terms of where we go.

“I think we need change, I don’t think we can continue like this.

“I’ve been very clear any of my constituents have said this to me we need a change of leadership, perhaps the time has now come for that.”

Among the results so far Labour has also been punished in the polls losing 78 councillors, while the Liberal Democrats have picked up more than 200 seats and taken control of seven councils.

The Green Party has also made gains adding more than 30 councillors to their ranks, while UKIP which was seeking to make a resurgence in the North of England has lost more than 50 seats.

Analysis ahead of polling day estimated the Tories could feel voters’ wrath and lose around 800 seats due to its handling of Brexit.