Theresa May: Brits will feel renewed pride in 2018

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31st December 2017

Theresa May has told Brits they will feel “renewed confidence and pride” in 2018 as she delivered her new year message amid rumours of a looming Cabinet reshuffle.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have delivered their new year messages
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The Prime Minister said the Government would focus on schools, the police and the NHS in the new year as she insisted Brexit was “not the limit” of her ambition.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn said Labour was “staking out the centre ground” in British politics and vowed to build a “new Britain”.

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Mrs May enjoyed a major breakthrough in Brexit talks late this year but she suffered a crushing blow in June when she lost her majority at the snap general election and has since lost top team members.

She said next year would see more progress to “deliver a good Brexit” and further action to build a “stronger and fairer” society - including work to “eliminate all prejudice and discrimination”.

Noting that 2017 had been “personally” difficult, she added: "The real test is not whether challenges come; it's how you face them.

"Whether you allow a task to overcome you, or tackle it head on with purpose and resolve."

According to the Sunday Times and the Sun on Sunday, the Prime Minister could sack up to five Cabinet members in a bid to refresh her top team in January.

Boris Johnson could lose his job as Foreign Secretary and be handed a Brexit-specific brief, while Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis is one of a number in line for promotion, the papers report.


Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn attacked what he branded the “weak and divided” Government as he delivered his own new year message.

"We are staking out the new centre ground in British politics, backing the things which most people want but are blocked by vested interests,” he said.

"We are a government in waiting, while the Conservatives are weak and divided and stuck in an outdated rut with no new ideas.”