Donald Trump 'set to snub Theresa May' at Davos summit

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19th January 2018

Theresa May is in line for fresh embarrassment after it emerged Donald Trump plans to snub her offer to “clear the air” at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The so-called 'special relationship' has cooled between Theresa May and Donald Trump
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The Prime Minister had been hoping to secure a head-to-head with the US president as the pair attend the global financial summit after he suddenly cancelled his plans for a trip to Britain next month.

Mr Trump was expected to come to the UK for a working visit to open the new US embassy in south London. But he junked the plan out of the blue earlier this month, citing concerns about the building cost.

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The pair also had a falling out when Mrs May said her US counterpart was “wrong” to retweet far-right group Britain First, prompting an angry response from President Trump telling her to focus on terror in the UK rather than his behaviour.

But the Prime Minister was reportedly hoping to “engineer an encounter” at Davos next week to make amends, after it emerged they would both be in attendance.

However Downing Street has all but given up hope of a meeting being booked in, according to the Daily Telegraph, after the White House has said Mr Trump has too little time.

Government sources reportedly blamed a “diary clash” becuase Mr Trump will not arrive in Davos until Friday - although it later emerged he will get there on Thursday morning while Mrs May is still there, the paper reports.

But it adds that a White House source said it would be “an extremely quick trip” and the president would not have time in his schedule to meet the Prime Minister.

In a further blow for Mrs May it emerged Mr Trump will find time to meet French president Emmanuel Macron at the summit.