Justine Greening: Tories have not connected with British aspirations for more than 30 years

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17th May 2018

Tory ex-Cabinet minister Justine Greening last night took a damning swipe at her own party - saying it had not “connected” with British aspirations for more than 30 years.

Justine Greening dramatically quit the Cabinet in January after reported clashes with Theresa May
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The former Education Secretary said she could not help but feel the Conservatives had “been the last” party trying to tackle the social injustices in the UK.

The comments will be seen not only as a veiled dig at Theresa May, but a put-down to former Prime Minister David Cameron, who led the 2010-2015 coalition government before securing an outright majority.

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Ms Greening told a Bright Blue event in central London: "It's unacceptable that in Britain today where you start still so much shapes and determines your future.

"This party should be the first to want to challenge that, yet sometimes it does feel like we've been the last.

"I think we have to recognise as Conservatives that it has now been 31 years since this party last won an election with any kind of substantial majority.

"And I think that was the last time we were a party that really connected with people's aspirations."

The Putney MP urged her party to look beyond Brexit and give a “broader push” to social injustice - something Mrs May vowed to tackle in her first Downing Street speech.

She dramatically quit the Cabinet in January as the Prime Minister tried to move her to the work and pensions brief, and after reported Cabinet clashes on education issues.