Jeremy Corbyn reveals fears Labour 'ignored' anti-semitism evidence

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14th April 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has confessed his concerns that evidence of anti-semitism in the Labour party has been “mislaid, ignored or not used,” a secret recording has revealed.

The comments were secretly taped during a meeting with Labour MP Margaret Hodge in February
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The comments, revealed by the Sunday Times, were secretly taped during a meeting with Labour MP Margaret Hodge in February.

It comes as Labour grapples to take charge of the anti-semitism crisis that has engulfed the party for the majority of the Corbyn leadership.

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The Labour leader and his top team have faced accusations of not taking the issue seriously enough, while leaks have shown his aides suggesting weak sanctions to disciplinary chiefs.

Mr Corbyn met Ms Hodge to explain the appointment of Lord Falconer to review the party’s complaints process.

He said: “The point of him [Falconer] is that he will look at the speed of dealing with cases, the administration of them and the collation of the evidence before it is put before appropriate panels and things.

“Because I was concerned that evidence was either being mislaid, ignored or not used and that there had to be some better system.”

A Labour spokesman said: “This shows Jeremy Corbyn’s desire to make procedures as robust and efficient as possible and to rebuild trust with the Jewish community.”

But the leaked recording comes as a fresh row erupted over Labour standards on whistleblowing.

The party suspended a junior staff member this week over suspicions they were leaking information about the anti-semitism complaints process.

A senior party source told the Sunday Times: “This individual may have committed criminal offences, which the party takes extremely seriously.”

But the move sparked fury after Mr Corbyn insisted Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should not be sent to the US to face justice for leaking state secrets about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

A Labour MP told the paper: “It is frankly sickening that Corbyn spent his week defending an alleged rapist for whistleblowing, but now launches a crackdown on whistleblowing in his own party. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.”