Jeremy Corbyn launches 'biggest ever voter registration drive' as deadline to sign up looms

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22nd November 2019

Labour is to launch "the biggest voter registration drive that our country has ever seen" as the deadline for taking part in the general election approaches.

Labour says nine million people have still to register to vote.
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Jeremy Corbyn will urge the millions of people who have yet to sign up to do so without delay during a campaign visit to Stoke.

The deadline for registering to vote is 11.59pm on 26 November, and an estimated nine million eligible people have yet to do so.

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Mr Corbyn will make his appeal the day after launching the most left-wing manifesto from a major party in more than 30 years.

Labour hopes the party's plans - which include mass nationalisations, tax increases and a huge rise in government spending - will prove as popular with first-time voters as their 2017 manifesto, when the party deprived Theresa May of a Commons majority.

Speaking ahead of his Stoke visit, Mr Corbyn said: "To achieve real change, I’m calling on people to take just five minutes to get registered so they can make sure that their voice is heard.

"Over nine million eligible voters are still not registered to vote – that’s one-sixth of the voting population.

"We want to make the next five days the biggest voter registration drive that our country has ever seen."

Meanwhile, the Labour leader will join Boris Johnson, Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon in a Question Time-style election debate on Friday evening.

The four party leaders will be grilled for 30 minutes each by an audience in Sheffield.



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"Much of Labour’s success in 2017 came through the youth vote, and the party will need that group in ever bigger numbers if they are to have a hope of winning the most seats (12/1, 7.69%) or a majority (28/1, or 3.45%) this time around.

"Corbyn and Labour will see an opportunity in the nine million who are yet to register, especially those under 35, and if they can increase the number of potential voters before the 26th November then they could give themselves a better chance than the markets give them.

"Star are anticipating a well contested election – we go 6/4 (40%) that there’s a turnout of 65% to 69.99%, and we’re 11/4 (26.67%) that there’s 70% more of voter turnout during the election."

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