Jeremy Corbyn tells his MPs to keep campaigning against the Tories through the summer

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17th July 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has called on Labour MPs to keep campaigning throughout the summer - as he unveiled plans to target 100 marginal seats by September.

Jeremy Corbyn will spearked a Labour summer of campaigning.
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The Labour leader himself will visit 40 constituencies across the UK as he tries to capitalise on the party's better-than-expected general election result.

Mr Corbyn unveiled the campaign blitz - the largest Labout has ever undertaken outside of an election - at the last meeting of the parliamentary Labour party before the Commons recess.

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He later joked that he had warned his MPs not to take too much time off so they can take the fight to the Conservatives.

Asked how the meeting had gone, Mr Corbyn said: "It was very warm, incredibly happy  - maybe because there's a recess coming in three days.

"They're looking forward to a long recess, but my bad news is they're not getting one because they've got to go campaigning."

A total of 75 Tory-held marginals in England will be targeted in the summer campaign, plus 20 seats in Scotland and five in Wales.

Party insiders said the aim was "to demonstrate that Labour has the campaigning momentum to take the party into government".

A senior Labour source said "everybody was up for it" in the PLP meeting.

"Jeremy is going to keep campaigning through the summer - he just likes campaigning," said the source.