WATCH Arch-Blairite John McTernan: Jeremy Corbyn will win the next election

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12th September 2017

Former Tony Blair advisor and once staunch Jeremy Corbyn critic John McTernan has said the Labour leader will win the next election.

John McTernan has given his backing to Jeremy Corbyn since the election

The ex-director of political operations at No 10 said Mr Corbyn would reveal his plans for Brexit once in Downing Street after the next election.

Mr McTernan once branded MPs who nominated the left-winger onto the leadership ballot “morons” who "need their heads felt".

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Jeremy Corbyn says 'winning the election' is the only good result

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He went on to call for the Labour leader to resign before June’s general election.

But speaking on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme today, he said Mr Corbyn was trying to create trouble for ministers and avoid discussion of what Labour would do in office.

"The big thing about Jeremy that came out in the General Election is that he wants to be, on Brexit, where he can cause the government the most pain and the most damage," he said.

"This is a debate at the moment about the current government and how they’re handling it and he’s not falling into the trap of talking about what Labour would do."

"You want to find out what a Labour government will do when Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn’s in Downing Street? Have an election and we’ll find out, as Jeremy’s going to win the next election."

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Mr McTernan’s comments follow his revelation to Sky News last month that he was a paid up member of grassroots pro-Corbyn group Momentum.

“The real test for Momentum and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn is can they can take their enthusiasm and make it into an election supporting victory?” he told the broadcaster.

“My experience in my local area is, of course I don’t agree with Momentum members about every single thing in politics, but I’m a member of Momentum myself, I joined it because of the energy around that movement."