Quarter of Labour voters could ditch party amid confusion over Brexit stance - poll

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27th December 2017

One in four Labour voters could switch to another party at the next election amid confusion over its stance on Brexit, according to a new poll.

Jeremy Corbyn campaigning for Remain during the EU referendum.
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The YouGov survey for pro-EU group Best For Britain found that nearly two-thirds of those who could change their minds voted Remain in the EU referendum.

Labour campaigned for Britain to stay in the European Union, but large numbers of the party's traditional voters, particularly in the north of England, voted Leave.

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That has led to the party insisting it will honour the Brexirt result, while floating the possibility of continued membership of the EU single market and customs union and even a second referendum.

According to YouGov, 32% of Labour Remain voters believe that party is "completely against Brexit", while 31% of Labour Leave voters believe that Labour is "completely in favour of Brexit".

The poll also found that 63% of Labour voters would be "delighted or pleased" if the party came out against Brexit, with 22% saying they would feel the same if it vowed to go ahead with leaving the EU.

Mark Malloch Brown, a crossbench peer and chair of Best for Britain, said: “This data shows, clearly, that many more Remainers are likely to abandon Labour over its Brexit line than Leavers.

"Labour did so well in the election off the back of pro-European voters tactically voting for them. All that could be at risk if this policy, a calculated policy of ambiguity, continues."

The poll findings came as dozens of Labour councillors called on the party to give voters the chance to change their minds on Brexit.

The Labour representatives said making the bold pledge would show “bravery, maturity and the principled leadership the country so desperately needs".