Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to clarify Labour policy on Brexit

Posted On: 
21st January 2018

Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to clarify Labour's position on Brexit as a new poll reveals overwhelming support for remaining in the single market among the party's voters.

The majority of potential Labour voters now back staying in the EU.

A survey by the Observer found 56% of Labour voters want the party to back staying in the trading zone and the customs union, while only 13% back removing Britain. Another 30% had no firm view.

Their views on the issue became even clearer when the breakdown of figures in young people were revealed.

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Some 63% of 'young professionals' who could vote for Labour at the next election wanted to stay in the trading arrangements, while only 10% wanted to leave.

Some 61% of potential working class voters also backed a change in Labour policy, while only 4% wanted to remain on track for a hard Brexit.

Significantly, even among Labour voters who backed Leave, 37% said they want Corbyn to support permanent single market and customs union membership, compared with just 26% who did not.

There was also significant support for a second referendum, with 51% of potential Labour voters backing another vote.

The results will put further pressure on Mr Corbyn to clarify Labour’s stance on Brexit. 

So far, the Labour leader has maintained that single market membership cannot continue when the Britain leaves the bloc.

He also ruled out a bespoke deal for Britain’s financial services industries as they seek access to the single market.

The former shadow business secretary, Labour MP Chuka Umunna, said: “It is absolutely vital, as the party of work and social justice, that we have a clear and unequivocal policy to keep the UK in the single market and the customs union.

“When our members, our trade unions, our businesses, Labour voters and potential voters are all giving the Labour party the same clear message that this is what the country needs, it does not make any sense at all to ignore it.”