WATCH Labour ad targets police cuts as Jeremy Corbyn declares ‘austerity is the enemy of security’

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14th February 2018

Labour have launched a hard-hitting new political broadcast on cuts to frontline policing, with Jeremy Corbyn claiming that "austerity is the enemy of security". 

The films splices together lots of interviews, including one with Alison, who lost her son to knife crime.

The latest film features interviews with community workers, retired police officers, and the mother of a victim of knife crime.

It follows a similar broadcast last month which attacked the Government's handling of the NHS using testimony from frontline staff.

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“After years of cuts to the services and police our communities rely on, violent crime is rising,” Mr Corbyn said. 

“This film allows us to listen to those on the frontline, who really know what’s going on and have the skills and knowledge to fix it if they were given the resources and support.

“Austerity is the enemy of security. You can’t have community safety on the cheap.”


Mr Corbyn also focused on crime at last week's Prime Minister Questions, pointing to police statistics showing crime had risen by a fifth since 2010, with violent crime rising by 20%.

Theresa May hit back by pointing by saying that police budgets were due to be increased by £450m. 

And she pointed to her actions as Home Secretary, including establishing the National Crime Agency and tackling modern slavery. 

The Conservatives have also pointed out that the annual Crime Survey, based on people's experiences, shows that overall crime is falling.