EXCL Communist Party members to work 'full tilt' to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister

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5th March 2018

Communist Party members should be working "full tilt" to get Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street, a leading far-left figure has declared.

The Communist Party of Britain is backing Jeremy Corbyn.
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Susan Michie said the Communist Party of Britain had decided to no longer put up candidates against Labour at general elections.

She said the move  was "a potential springboard for strengthening organic ties with Labour".

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But her comments are sure to horrify moderate Labour members, who believe the party should have nothing to do with hard-left activists.

Speaking at a Communist event in London titled 'Working with Labour for a socialist future', Ms Michie said the party would continue the policy which it began at last year's general election of not standing candidates against Labour.

She said: "At the 2017 general election we decided not to contest in the election, and fully support Jeremy Corbyn, and CPB has agreed that supporting Labour is the priority and that it would be inappropriate to stand candidates.

"We will be out on the doorstep, putting forward the socialist arguments, and putting those forward in the Morning Star wherever possible in support of a left-led Labour party. 

"This electoral policy is a potential springboard for strengthening organic ties with Labour. We can also use our significant influence in trade unions and campaigning organisations to show that Labour party policies will be closer to members interests than other electoral parties.

"We are in a really good situation to work much more closely that we have in the past. The Communist Party and the Labour left have much in common and have a track record of impressive joint working in trade union campaigns and elections."

She added: "Communist Party members should absolutely be involved in electoral work, and working full tilt to get Jeremy elected as leader, and the Labour party into government."