EXCL Keir Starmer's local Labour branch calls for second EU referendum and for party to back Remain

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23rd January 2019

Keir Starmer's local Labour branch has demanded a fresh referendum and for the party to back the UK staying in the European Union.

Sir Keir Starmer's local party has called for a second referendum.
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In another sign of the deep splits within Labour over Brexit, activists in Holborn and St Pancras constituency passed an emergency motion saying the party must back Remain if there is a general election before Britain quits the bloc.

The move puts the Shadow Brexit Secretary's local party at odds with the leadership, which has so far stopped short of backing another referendum.

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Labour bosses have also suggested that the party would seek to implement the result of the first referendum if it won a snap election.

The emergency motion, which was passed by 65 votes to 34, said: "This party believes that the current Brexit paralysis constitutes an unprecedented national emergency threatening the security, prosperity and integrity of the United Kingdom.

"This party calls on Labour to work cross-party to force the Government to revoke the UK’s Article 50 notice; campaign for a public vote in which Labour supports Remain, and in which no-deal is not an option; and include this in the party manifesto if a general election is called before the end of the Article 50 notice period. Take all available action to avoid a no-deal outcome."

Sir Keir himself was present for some of last night's meeting's debate on Brexit, and took part in a lengthy question-and-answer session.

Sources close to the Labour frontbencher insisted he did not express a view or vote at the meeting, and pointed out the motion is not binding on the party.