Founder of Momentum ‘to run for seat on ruling Labour committee’

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10th October 2017

The founder of Momentum is planning to run for a seat on Labour's ruling National Executive Committee, a new report has said.

Jon Lansman founded Momentum in 2015
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Jon Lansman - a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn - is being lined up for one of the three new seats for grassroots activists on the key decision-making body, according to HuffPost UK.

If he does stand, Mr Lansman is likely to win a seat on the NEC - handing more power to the left wing of the Labour party. 

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The pro-Corbyn group Momentum now has more than 31,000 members and has increasing influence on Labour, boosted by the shock general election result. 

A new NEC seat has also been created for trade union Usdaw to reflect its growing membership.

The new seats would give supporters of Mr Corbyn a majority of 21 on the ruling committee, the site says.

Earlier this year, Mr Lansman told supporters he wanted to "change the nature of the [Labour] party" to make it better reflect the views of its members.

Activists flocked to Momentum's festival The World Transformed last month, which ran alongside the Labour party conference in Brighton.