Parliament sees massive £2m hike in MPs' security spending in wake of Jo Cox murder

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16th November 2017

Parliament bosses have shelled out over £2m extra on protecting MPs following the murder of Jo Cox last year.

Jo Cox Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered in June 2016
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According to new figures from Parliament’s watchdog, spending on security assistance for MPs has soared from £170,576 in 2015-16 to £2,550,954 in 2016-17 – a 15-fold increase.

The chair of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, Ruth Evans said: “Following the tragic events of June 2016, there was a big increase in the total expenditure on security, rising to £2.5m during this year.

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“It is important that we take the security of MPs, and that of their families and their staff, very seriously."



The increase follows the tragic murder of Labour MP Ms Cox in her Batley and Spen constituency by far-right terrorist Thomas Mair, who was subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

In the aftermath of the tragedy almost 130 MPs demanded tighter security for their homes and offices, including bomb-proof letter boxes and reinforced windows.   

IPSA responded to the demands by making it easier for requests for new security measures to be signed off.  

To commemorate Ms Cox a plaque was installed in the House of Commons over the summer.

Ms Cox’s two children designed and unveiled the coat of arms, which featured the words “more in common”, taken from her maiden speech in the chamber.