Czech spy claims make no difference to Jeremy Corbyn’s public approval, according to new poll

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24th February 2018

Tory attacks on Jeremy Corbyn over his meeting with a Czech communist spy have had very little impact on the Labour leaders polling.

Jeremy Corbyn has rubbished claims he may have been a foreign intelligence asset
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Eight per cent of voters think less of Mr Corbyn since the claims were made, but most of these were Conservative supporters.

A YouGov poll for The Times found 64 per cent said the story made no difference to their opinion, while six per cent (mostly Labour voters) said they thought more highly of Mr Corbyn.

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Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, has said Mr Corbyn was likely to have known that Jan Sarkocy was a spy rather than a diplomat, and argues the former spy’s claims should be taken seriously.

Labour has said the more outlandish claims – that Mr Corbyn was an agent – are a “ridiculous smear”. Mr Corbyn also threatened legal action against Tory MP Ben Bradley, who claimed he had “sold British secrets to Communist spies”.

The YouGov voting intention poll showed Labour up one point, to 42 per cent – two points ahead of the Conservatives.