Jeremy Corbyn vows to end 'scourge' of sexual harassment at work

Posted On: 
10th June 2018

Jeremy Corbyn will today pledge a ‘’ revolution in the workplace, as he unveils a raft of Labour plans aiming to clamp down on the "scourge" of sexual harassment at work.

The Labour leader will also unveil a pledge to stop bosses siphoning off tips from hospitality staff.

Mr Corbyn will tell the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union conference that a Labour government would ban the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence victims of sexual assault.

He will also pledge to make employers directly responsible if their staff face abuse at the hands of customers, in the wake of the President's Club scandal that saw wealthy diners allegedly harass hospitality staff who were forced to sign gagging clauses.

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The party would also make it mandatory for bosses to reveal their anti-harassment policies and says it would make it easier for victims of sexual discrimination to take their firms to an employment tribunal.

Mr Corbyn will say: "Sexual harassment is a scourge in our society. Without proper rights, contracts and union representation, hospitality staff are at greater risk of being harassed and abused in their workplace.

"Labour will bring about a workplace rights revolution, so people are free to do their jobs, in the hospitality sector and beyond, without facing unacceptable behaviour and abuses of power from colleagues, clients or customers."

The pledges follow the high-profile #MeToo movement, which has seen prominent public figures face accusations of sexual assault and harassment.

Mr Corbyn will also use today's union gathering to unveil plans to make it illegal for bosses to keep tips given to hospitality staff.

"It's not fair or right that in businesses across the country, hardworking hospitality workers have had their tips pocketed by their bosses under the guise of bogus admin fees, or to cover breakages, till shortages or customer walkouts," the Labour leader will say.

"Labour will make it illegal for rogue employers to make deductions from tips, so staff get to keep 100%, and customers know who their money is going to."

Mr Corbyn will commit the party to a ban on employers taking a cut of tips left through card payments, saying such payments "should be kept by the staff who earn them, not employers".