EXCL Lib Dems suspend candidate who allegedly shared post from 'immigration genocide' group

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16th April 2018

The Lib Dems have suspended a council candidate accused of sharing a Facebook post from a group which argues immigration to the UK amounts to “genocide” of the British people.

The Lib Dems have suspended their council candidate for Sandhill, Sunderland
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Lynn Appleby allegedly shared the post by ‘Infidels of Britain’, which was promoting an article about a Muslim father who had 11 children, according to an image seen by PoliticsHome.

She also allegedly said the parents of children who suffer in poverty should be told: “Don’t breed em if you can’t feed em.”

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The Lib Dems said Ms Appleby,  who was standing as a councillor for the Sandhill ward in Sunderland, was suspended from the party last Friday. Labour said there were “no excuses” for the language used.

In its manifesto, the campaign group Infidels of Britain calls for major curbs on immigration and measures to support the “indigenous” population of Britain.

“It has been predicted that White Britons will become a minority by 2066,” the group states.

“However, some analysts claim that it could be sooner. This amounts to GENOCIDE which is a crime under international law.”

It adds that the UK should change its system of government to a “Nationalist/Military coalition” regime.

And it called for Christianity to be put “back on the map” by ensuring other minority religions “should remain just that - A MINORITY”.

Responding to another Facebook user last November who said it was “dreadful” to see young homeless people suffering in the cold, Ms Appleby allegedly responded: “Child poverty? A lot could be stopped by the words don’t breed em if you can’t feed em."

A Lib Dem spokesperson said: “As soon as this was brought to our attention last Friday the person was suspended from the party pending investigation.”

A North East Labour party spokesperson said: “We were disappointed to see these posts on social media from the ex-Lib Dem candidate for Sandhill Ward as the language used fell well below the level of respect that a political candidate should have for the people they’re seeking to represent. There are no excuses."

Ms Appleby could not be reached for comment. Her Facebook profile has been made private since last Thursday.