Almost half of voters back creation of new centre-ground party - poll

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22nd April 2018

Nearly half of UK voters believe a new centre-ground party is needed, while just under a quarter of the public are against the idea.

Nearly half of UK voters back the proposal for a new centre-ground party
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A poll by ComRes for the Sunday Express found 47% of Brits backed a new party, up from 41% this time last year, while just 24% are actively opposed to such a move.

The study found support to be highest among those who intended to vote for the Liberal Democrats, with 64% in agreement.

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And while Tory voters are less likely to back the proposal than they did this time last year, the proportion of Labour voters who agreed with the statement has increased from 43% to 49% since last April.

The study also found that fewer than one in three think Jeremy Corbyn would lead the country “well” were he prime minister, compared to 53% who disagree.

And only 31% say the current Government “seems to be managing the Brexit process well”, compared to 50% who think they are dealing with it badly.

Andrew Hawkins, chairman of ComRes said: “Support for a new centre-ground is creeping upwards towards the 50% figure, fuelled by Liberal Democrat voters who appear not to see their own Party as that new political force, and Labour voters who may be cautious about the direction in which Labour is moving.”