ANALYSIS: How the army of undecided voters could dictate the outcome of the general election

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20th November 2019

The Labour candidate was clear about the message they were hearing on the doorstep.

Voters go to the polls on 12 December.
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"There are a ridiculous number of undecideds, more than I’ve ever seen," they said.

This phenomenon was corroborated by an SNP canvasser, who admitted: "We're picking up the same thing. Voters are either apathetic or undecided."

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While the opinion polls continue to point towards a Conservative victory, could there be something happening below the surface that will not become apparent until polling day itself?

While the chances of a Labour majority, according to polling guru Sir John Curtice, are effectively zero, that does not mean there is no path to Number 10 for Jeremy Corbyn.

It only takes the Tories to lose a few seats to Labour, the SNP and Lib Dems, and then fail to gain enough elsewhere to compensate, for Corbyn to become the head of a minority administration.

So those millions of undecided voters could well be the difference between Boris Johnson or the Labour leader standing on the steps of Number 10 on 13 December.

Another Labour candidate said: "In my seat, I don’t think there’s much between losing by 5000 and winning by 2000 - it is so unpredictable."

So forget the opinion polls forecasting doom and gloom for Labour. There is still an awful lot to play for over the next three weeks.