Laser pens could require licence after plane attacks increase

Posted On: 
12th August 2017

Ministers are considering introducing mandatory licences for the purchase of laser pens following warnings over the danger they pose to aircrafts. 

Licences for retailers and restrictions on advertising could also be brought in as the Government seeks to “protect the public”.

The UK's Civil Aviation Authority reported 1,258 incidents of lasers being shone at aircrafts last year, amid warnings about the risks to pilots and planes.

Business Minister Margot James said: "Public safety is of the utmost importance and we must look carefully to make sure regulations are keeping up with the increased use of these devices.

"Used irresponsibly or maliciously, these products can and do wreak havoc and harm others, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

"That's why we want to hear from business groups, retailers and consumers about the best way to protect the public from this kind of dangerous behaviour and improve safety."