Former Tory minister Nick Boles accuses Theresa May of ‘timidity’ and ‘lack of ambition’

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20th January 2018

Former Tory minister Nick Boles has accused Theresa May of "timidity" in a scathing Twitter post.

Nick Boles was a skills minister in David Cameron's government.
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Castigating the government for its ‘timidity’ and ‘lack of ambition’, Mr Boles said that Mrs May’s government ‘constantly disappoints.’

Citing the government’s decision not to seek a judicial review into the release of serial sex attacker John Worboys, Mr Boles told the Prime Minister to ‘raise [her] game’.

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Former Tory minister Nick Boles calls for end to austerity

Mr Boles, who served as Skills Minister under David Cameron’s government, also referenced the housing shortage and the NHS winter funding crisis.

The MP is a cancer survivor, and left hospital after chemotherapy treatment to vote on the EU withdrawal bill in the House of Commons.

‘They need to pull their finger out,’ Mr Boles told the Sun. ‘I want her to lead, be bold and definite. And I want her to let her Ministers be bold. It has to change.’

‘Everything gets watered down, everything gets diluted, everything is mealy mouthed.’

Mr Boles was especially critical of the Worboys decision, telling the Sun ‘It’s just too flipping wet.’