David Lammy condemns ‘outrageous’ arrest of 62-year old Windrush citizen

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19th May 2018

Labour MP David Lammy has said that he is ‘appalled’ by the arrest of one of his constituents for a minor crime committed twenty years ago.

David Lammy has said that he is 'shocked and appalled' at the treatment of one of his constituents
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The 62-year-old man, who remains anonymous, came to the UK from Jamaica in 1976. He was remanded in custody on a 20 year old charge of handling stolen goods after visiting the Home Office’s Commonwealth Taskforce to get a biometric card. 

Mr Lammy, who visited his constituent in HM Pentonville, said that the man is homeless and has type 2 diabetes but has no access to healthcare or benefits. 

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‘This is outrageous. This man is the face of the hostile environment’ Mr Lammy said. 

‘He thought he was getting his citizenship and instead he got arrested in the Home OFfice’s building and taken to prison on a minor charge from two decades ago. He is homeless and has been living on the streets because of the Home Office. 

The north London MP criticised the Home Office for arresting the man after asking Windrush citizens to come forwards. 

‘The Prime Minister and Home Secretary have repeatedly told Windrush citizens to come forward. My constituent did what he was told and he is now in prison. I have been to see him this morning in custody and I am shocked and appalled at how he has been treated.’ 

The Home Office said that information from the Commonwealth Taskforce was not shared with immigration enforcement, but that police checks were undertaken on all visa and immigration cases.