Des Parkinson: Here in Brecon and Radnorshire we voted Leave

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31st July 2019

Ahead of Thursday's by-election Brexit Party candidate Des Parkinson sets out his vision for Brecon and Radnorshire. 

Many farmers are left bemused by the EU CAP process, writes Des Parkinson.
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A by-election created from a fraudulent expense claim by the incumbent Tory, Chris Davies. Driven by 10,000 signatures to a recall petition. And then the Tories reselected the incumbent from a list of one. The cost, the unnecessary expense. You really couldn’t make it up.

Boris Johnson rolls into our Constituency, hides in an industrial estate, refuses to be seen on the town hall steps with his sodden candidate and his equally dripping supporters and claims that he will deliver Brexit. But this is the same Boris that voted for May’s Non Withdrawal Treaty. The lack of ERG representatives and the existence of Ultra Remainers like Amber Rudd and Nicky Morgan in the new Cabinet don’t signal deep determination to deliver, nor does the sight of Dominic Cummings, a one man band of discord.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if stripped of a Backstop, it is given a suntan, some lipstick and a bow and quickly presented in Parliament as a “New deal” - like “only one owner “ claims on a Clocked car.

If he really wanted a clean Brexit he would have asked the tainted Tory to stand down. 

Still these are strange times.

Here in B&R we voted leave by 53.7%. Many of our farmers are left bemused by the EU CAP process and want a simpler, fairer share of support. We give the EU a Membership fee of £10 bn plus after rebate and £22bn when you add-in their share of VAT and Commercial Tariffs on our imports from outside the trading block. For all that Wales gets back £79 per head. In East Wales, we get even less, because we are considered developed. We are not and there are big areas of deprivation.

But the EU is using old measures that favour the Labour heartland.

This is at the heart of our Leave vote.

We are not getting our fair-share of UK wealth re-distribution and we don’t see why the EU should keep half of what we send. It is better-used at home without their filters and delays.

The Brexit Party has identified £200bn to be invested in regional transformation, across transport, Broadband availability, Business Rate Relief and Home building. We want to invest for our Sovereign Nation’s future. We are not interested in the concerns of a metropolitain elite, worried who will deliver their Lattes and plumb their designer bathrooms for cash.

Our local schools get £1k per pupil less than Labour Constituencies, courtesy of a single Lib Dem Assembly vote. And together, Labour and Lib Dems have imposed unwanted windfarm sites in an area of outstanding beauty. We promise to listen and to deliver a new more interactive politics.

Local, issues, local ties. My 29 year Police career started here. And my grandfather was a local sheep farmer on these hills. I feed the pig before and after school. I would be proud to be Brecon & Radnorshire's Front Bench Spokesperson, delivering the Brexit demanded and redirecting investment to our Constituency

The arrival of The Brexit Party is a response to attempts to deny Democracy by May and her fellow travellers. Democracy won’t be  denied. That’s why I am standing.

Des Parkinson is the Brexit Party candidate standing in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election.