Transgender people not getting access to basic healthcare services, says senior Tory MP

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3rd January 2019

Transgender people are not getting access to basic healthcare services, according to a senior Conservative MP.

Maria Miller is chair of the Women and Equalities Committee.
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Maria Miller, who is chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, accused the Government of "mishandling" its approach to trans issues.

She said that instead of focusing on legal recongnition for trans people, ministers should instead prioritise ensuring they receive the same level of public services as the rest of the country.

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Speaking to the Press Association, Ms Miller said: "Many trans people simply don't have access to the basic healthcare that the rest of us take for granted - things like cervical smears are often things that trans men are not able to access."

The former Cabinet minister said the Government had failed to fully implement the recommendations made by her committee on transgender equality three years ago.

She added: "I think [ministers] have mishandled their approach to trans issues,” Mrs Miller said.

"The debate has been focused in on issues that are much less important to trans people's lives.

"My advice to ministers is that they should focus in on getting their services right first and foremost, and also be clear that there is no threat to single-sex services, they are clearly protected in law and they need to be clearer on that."